Are you a busy policymaker, researcher, or higher education stakeholder seeking rapid insights into international and regional higher education trends from the HE Policy Observatory’s wealth of data? The UNESCO-IESALC Policy Insights Series is tailored to your requirements. UNESCO-IESALC policy insights are concise digests distilling essential information and data from the HE Policy Observatory, presenting key findings on specific indicators or questions while offering succinct analyses of variations in higher education systems across countries and global regions.

Each UNESCO-IESALC Policy Insights addresses a specific topic or question reflected in the HE Policy Observatory. Each Insight includes: 

  • A short description of the topic or question addressed, and why it matters

  • A global analysis exploring how higher education systems in different countries, world regions or income groups compare

  • Suggestions for further data exploration and, when relevant, potential implications for higher education policy


Policy Insight 1: Which countries guarantee free public higher education by law?
IESALC – November 2023