Response to COVID-19

Given the challenges posed to higher education by the COVID-19 pandemic, since March 2020 the Institute has prioritized the educational consequences of the pandemic following the closure of schools and institutions of higher education. Efforts have been made in the areas of policy analysis and research, capacity building, technical assistance, and information dissemination to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on higher education.

As part of this initiative, the Institute created a web space with resources on COVID-19 and higher education, including details on how governments, higher education networks and institutions addressed the challenges of COVID-19, as well as a report aimed at highlighting the impacts and institutional and governmental responses in the higher education sector, among other content and resources aimed at visualizing responses to this global health crisis. 


Resuming or reforming? Tracking the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on higher education after two years of disruption

IESALC –  2022


COVID-19 and higher education: Today and tomorrow; Impact analysis, policy responses and recommendations

IESALC –  2020


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