Competence Development for Technicians


Managers and technicians certified


Hours of training

Having a virtual education unit and staff trained in the administration of a Learning Management System (LMS) is essential nowadays, as it reflects the commitment of an educational institution to the quality and accessibility of online education. This unit and its specialized team are responsible for providing efficient technical and pedagogical support to LMS users, ensuring a smooth and enriching learning experience. In addition, staff trained in the use of the LMS platform can take full advantage of all its functionalities, customize learning environments, monitor student progress and collect valuable data for educational decision-making.
With this program we seek to support the digital transformation initiated by the Universidad Nacional de Educación Enrique Guzmán y Valle (UNE) hand in hand with each of the technical staff to strengthen the virtual teaching and learning model and thereby strengthen the mission of the institution in order to promote the development of the entire educational community of the University.

General objectives

  • Develop competencies for effective management of virtual or blended programs, offering comprehensive support to students and teachers, in compliance with the UNE Educational Project and accreditation.
  • Involve the technical and support teams, starting from their reality and analyzing their needs with them instead of presupposing them.
  • To take advantage of the capabilities already installed in the teams, to value those that have the greatest potential to serve as references for others, disseminating their experience and taking advantage of it to develop capabilities in collaborative strategies that promote change management and educational innovation.
  • Ensure sustainability, investing efforts primarily in those elements of technology and technical assistance that consolidate the processes of improving the quality of teaching and optimizing the use of technology at the institutional level.
  • Use monitoring and evaluation mechanisms with a formative orientation, so that the evidence obtained informs decisions on the successive phases of educational innovation.


“It focuses on the development of the knowledge and competencies necessary for the effective and continuous operation of virtual platforms and other information technologies for education, as well as adequate technical assistance and accompaniment to teachers and students.”

Yuma Inzolia
Director of Capacity Development, UNESCO