In its mission to promote the development of the national higher education systems of the member states and their institutions, UNESCO IESALC contributes to the development of capacities with training programs aimed at the analysis and implementation of better public and institutional policies.

For this end, the international institute makes the IESALC Campus available to the entire education community, and develops awareness-raising and training materials and programs for governments and parliaments, university institutions, researchers, and students, among others.

The IESALC Campus is a digital environment that allows leveraging the Institute’s programs and priorities from an academic perspective, favoring knowledge networks and the exchange of good practices through collaborative work for the development of the region, and by promoting digital credentials.

Objectives of the IESALC Campus

  • Contribute to the development of the capacities and competencies of all the agents involved in the higher education ecosystem, for the analysis and development of public and institutional policies that strengthen a sustainable model in the region.
  • Be a space for knowledge of higher education institutions and governments, where good practices are exchanged through collaborative work and where the development of public and institutional policies for the expansion of the region are guaranteed.

Fundamental pillars

Develop national higher education systems and their institutions

Strengthen institutional public policies to guarantee the right to quality, relevant and inclusive higher education

Promote the democratization of knowledge and foster fairer and more inclusive societies

Provide a training offer aimed at acquiring the necessary skills and abilities to promote a welfare society

Support the creation of public-private strategic alliances, to promote the training of necessary professionals

Articulate a space for dialogue to support governments’ digital education agendas from educational innovation.

Strengthen the 2030 Agenda and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in HEIs

Promote the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through strategies, policies, plans for the implementation of the SDGs within HEIs.

Strengthen the Declaration of the Regional Conference on Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

Promote the integration of the Latin American space of higher education, through solidarity processes of South-South cooperation

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