EDS Bootcamp 2022

Learning Design and Education for Sustainable Development

As stated in the UNESCO Learn for our planet report (2021): “The way we currently live is not sustainable. Urgent change is needed, but lasting change is impossible without education”.

With the mission of supporting higher education teachers in the learning design of their courses, through the development of activities based on online learning with a focus on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and transformative pedagogies, at UNESCO IESALC we are promoting the first Learning Design and Education for Sustainable Development Bootcamp (ESD) #ESDBootcamp 2022.

What is a Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp is a specialized training program designed for multidisciplinary teams to meet and develop new ideas for seeking solutions to specific challenges. By managing a certain set of skills and practical application knowledge, innovative solutions are achieved very quickly.

Who is the Bootcamp aimed at?

The Bootcamp is aimed primarily at teachers from higher education institutions who need to design curricular elements that contribute to incorporating Education for Sustainable Development in their activities using a transformative learning method.

Available in English and Spanish for teachers from any educational institution of higher education around the world, the Bootcamp aims to provide the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ​​necessary to overcome the global challenges of today and the future, including climate change, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, poverty and inequality.

The Bootcamp is free to all university teams taking part.


“The Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp aims to inspire and empower academics, students, learning designers and educational developers from different disciplines to acquire a learning design mind-set, embedding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Higher Education practices. The Bootcamp also aims to foster communities of practice to aspire for creating value and innovative ESD solutions for Higher Education institutions globally”.

Dr. Maria Toro-Troconis – Bootcamp Founder and Director

At the end of the Bootcamp, participants will be able to:

1. Explain the learning component of their designs.

2. Discuss the concept of sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3. Explain what ESD is and the difference it can make to curricula and pedagogy in Higher Education (HE).

4. Identify the learning activities that best adapt to reinforce the Sustainable Development Goals.

5. Discuss the concept of transformative pedagogies and the application of active learning methodology into learning and teaching practice.

6. Describe learning design concepts and approaches as well as the importance of the three pillars of the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit for developing HE curriculum.

7. Put learning designs into practice using online and blended learning activities into the Learning Management System (LMS).

8. Design curriculum elements contributing to embedding education for sustainable development in Higher Education practices using the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit.

9. Evaluate from a critical approach learning designs and learning activity developments.

10. Present final pedagogical designs to a group of experts.

Bootcamp programming

During 3 months, the participants will carry out different activities to obtain in-depth knowledge on Education for Sustainable Development and transformative pedagogies . In addition, they will receive online training and work sessions with their ment@rs who will help them design their program.

When will the programme start?

These are the key dates to keep in mind for the 2022 Call:

Publication of CallMonday 4 October 2021 17:00 (GMT)
Submission DeadlineMonday 31 January 2022 17:00 (GMT)
Teams announcedMonday 28 February 2022
Kick off meetingThursday 24 March 2022
Online courseThursday 24 March to Thursday 14 April
1st WorkshopThursday 21 April 2022
2nd WorkshopThursday 19 May 2022
Teams’ presentations and closeMonday 20 June 2022

When will the call to apply to the Bootcamp be available?

The call to apply to the Bootcamp 2022 will be available in this section from October 4, 2021 to Monday 31 January, 2022.

For further information and questions on preparing your application, please contact:

Yuma Inzolia y.inzolia@unesco.org


The American University of Sharjah is co-hosting the Bootcamp in English with The Open University and Anglia Ruskin University. In parallel UNESCO IESALC will host its Spanish version.

The 2022 Bootcamp Committee will offer leadership and continuous support in the development of the Bootcamp.