EDS Bootcamp 2024


Pedagogical Design and Education for Sustainable Development


With the mission to support higher education professors in the pedagogical design of their courses, through the development of activities based on online learning and with a focus on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and transformative pedagogies, together with the Association for Pedagogical Design and Education for Sustainable Development (ALDESD), we promote a new edition of the Pedagogical Design and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Bootcamp #EDSBootcamp.

What is a Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp is a specialized training program designed for multidisciplinary teams to meet and develop new ideas for seeking solutions to specific challenges. By managing a certain set of skills and practical application knowledge, innovative solutions are achieved very quickly.

Who is the Bootcamp for?

The Bootcamp is aimed especially at teachers in higher education institutions who need to design curricular elements that contribute to incorporate Education for Sustainable Development in their activities using a model of transformative pedagogies. Available in English and Spanish for teachers from any higher education institution in the world, the Bootcamp aims to provide the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to overcome the global challenges of today and tomorrow, including climate change, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, poverty and inequalities.


At the end of the Bootcamp participants will be able to:

  • Explain what ESD is and the difference it can make to higher education (HE) curricula and pedagogical strategies.
  • Identify the learning activities that best fit the expected learning outcomes in their subject, with a focus on a vision that reinforces the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Discuss the concept of transformative pedagogies and the application of active learning methodology in teaching and learning practices.

Design curricular contents that contribute to incorporate Education for Sustainable Development in higher education practices, using the CoDesignS ESD tool.

Bootcamp Schedule 

During 2 months, participants will carry out different activities to learn in depth about Education for Sustainable Development and transformative pedagogies, in addition to online training and work sessions with their mentors that will help them design their program.

When will the program start?

These are the key dates to keep in mind for the 2024 Call.

Publication of call for proposalsFriday, August 2, 2024, 17.00 (GMT)
Deadline to participateFriday, September 20, 2024, 17.00 (GMT)
Welcome SessionFriday, October 4, 2024, 17.00 (GMT)
Presentation of projects and closingFriday, November 29, 2024, 17.00 (GMT)


Bootcamp 2024 (Spring) will be offered at a price of $2,950 USD per team. Teams from countries with low and lower-middle income economies will receive an additional 25% discount. African and Caribbean countries are encouraged to participate.

A team consists of one academic, one instructional designer or a second academic and one student.

Payment will be made directly to the Association for Learning Design and Education for Sustainable Development (ALDESD).

For any questions please contact: support@aldesd.org

When will the call to apply to the Bootcamp be available?

The Call for Applications for Bootcamp 2024 will be available until Friday, September 20, 2024, 17.00 (GMT).

The spring edition will be taught in English.

Application Process

The application form includes the following sections:

1. Team information

1.1 Name of your university.

1.2 Academic leader information.

1.3 Information of the lead instructional designer or educational technician.

1.4 Student leader information.

2. Justification and motivation

2.1 Objectives and goals.

2.2 Why is the Pedagogical Design and ESD Bootcamp relevant to your team and your institution?

2.3 Letter of endorsement from the Head of School/Faculty or a senior staff member within the institution.

3. Information on the module the team will work on during the Bootcamp

3.1 Module title

3.2 Why have you chosen this module for the Bootcamp?

3.3 Number of associated academic credits

3.4 Level of the subject: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD

3.5 School / Faculty responsible

3.6 Student profile: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD:

3.7 Module objectives

3.8 Expected learning outcomes

3.9 Assessment model you use for this content in your course

The deadline to apply is Friday, September 20, 2024, 17.00 (GMT). If you have any questions regarding this call for applications, please contact support@aldesd.org or soporte@campusiesalc.org.This edition of Bootcamp 2024 Spring will be conducted in English.

Evaluation Process

All applications must meet the eligibility criteria described above. A panel of external reviewers will score each proposal based on the established evaluation criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to participate in the Bootcamp your proposal must:

  • To be completed and submitted through the application form before the deadline set for Friday, September 20, 2024, 17.00 (GMT).
  • To have the endorsement of a higher education institution.
  • The team must be composed of at least one academic, one pedagogical designer or educational technician and one student from the same institution. The team must have a maximum of 4 participants.

Commit to dedicate the necessary time during the 8 weeks of the program to participate in all the activities specified above.

Evaluation Criteria

The review panel will evaluate proposals according to the following criteria:

  • Clear commitment of the team to work on the project until its successful completion.
  • Feasibility of the proposal.
  • Clarity of the proposal, with objectives and expected results.
  • Pedagogical underpinning of the proposal.
  • Teaching-learning approach of the proposal.


For more information and questions about preparing your application, please contact support@aldesd.org or soporte@campusiesalc.org.

Participating Institutions


Association for Learning Design and Education for Sustainable Development (ALDESD), American University of Sharjah, The Open University, the University of Glasgow, the Manchester Metropolitan University and UNESCO IESALC.