Young People on Transforming Education Project

Promoting meaning engagement of youths in education decision making

Young People on Transforming Education Project (YPTEP), co-launched by UNESCO IESALC and UNESCO ICUA, is the materialization of the initiatives proposed at the Transforming Education Summit at the 77th United Nations General Assembly to elevate education to the top of the global political agenda and to mobilize action, ambition, solidarity, and solutions in a rapidly changing world.

Empowering young people to be meaningfully engaged for their own education and the education for future generations can propose innovative avenues to transform education. Yet such innovations in education can only be realized through multi-stakeholder support and contextualization in practices. Through global mapping and dialogues with different generations of learners and other education stakeholders, YPTEP provides insights and recommendations on innovative learning for the present, the post-pandemic era, and the broader future of achieving SDGs.

Global Mapping Surveys

Do you want to make contributions on improving student learning efficiency? As part of YPTEP, these surveys support the UNESCO global mapping exercise in order to identify good practices on innovative learning.

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Intergenerational Dialogues

YPTEP inter-generational dialogues are organized in two categories – by themes and by geographical regions. Thematic Dialogues include a) Kickoff Dialogue; b) Dialogue for Women and Girls; c) South-South Dialogue; and are organized by UNESCO at a multi-national or multi-regional scope. Local Dialogues – at communal, institutional, national, and regional levels – can be hosted youth leaders, the Member States, UNESCO or UNESCO partners. Dialogues are generally organized for 1.5 hours, inviting different generations of learners to share past, current, and future practices in innovating education.

The Kickoff Dialogue

Launch of innovative
learning advocacy by
global youth leaders

International Women’s Day Dialogue

Fireside Chat to celebrate “Women and Girls, Innovation, and Higher Education”.

The South-South Dialogue

Conversation to discuss shared challenges and redefine “innovation” and partnership strategies for contextualization of innovative learning.

Local Dialogues

UNESCO invites you all to join us for promoting meaningful youth engagement in education through grassroot discussion on innovative Iearning based on local needs and resources. Submit a dialogue you plan to host or already hosted.


Regional Dialogue
– Asia and the Pacific

Fall 2023

Regional Dialogue
– North America and Europe

Fall 2023

Regional Dialogue
– Latin America and the Caribbean

Fall 2023

– Africa

Fall 2023

Local Dialogue
– Arab States

28 April 2023

The South-South Dialogue

25 April 2023

International Women’s Day Dialogue

6 March 2023

The Kickoff Dialogue

24 Jan 2023
Trusteeship Council, UNHQ