Equity and Inclusion

This priority aims at generating knowledge to inform public policies and mechanisms to improve the equity and inclusion of higher education, in particular, in terms of financial support mechanisms for students and support for multicultural higher education

For this priority, the Institute has formulated the following objectives and activities:


Contribute to regional reflection on public policies and mechanisms that contribute to improve the quality and equity of higher education

  • The activities of this objective coincide with those established for the priority of quality and relevance.


Promote a greater scope of public policies and mechanisms of all kinds to financially support higher education students

  • Preparation of an international comparative study on free higher education, scholarships and loans, showing the effects of different policies and strategies, and emerging trends in the region.


Promote better knowledge of the different conceptions of higher education that emerge from indigenous communities in the region, and also outside them, and their articulation with other institutions

  • Preparation of an international comparative study on indigenous universities, the different existing national political frameworks and the mechanisms of articulation with other institutions, financing and quality assurance.

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