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The context in which this Program is linked to the urgency of giving pedagogical continuity and developing the higher education service, from the crisis originated by COVID-19 that brought to the forefront the will to develop virtual education models and that after the return to face-to-face contexts, evidenced the need to include in the National University of Education Enrique Guzmán y Valle (UNE) the offer of blended programs where face-to-face and virtuality are combined, which is adjusted to the needs of students and the reality of the current university educational offer.

UNESCO IESALC’s training and technical assistance proposal is structured around core training in agile methodologies and change management, aimed at promoting and developing a culture of innovation and quality for virtualization directed at university authorities, academic authorities and teachers at UNE. The training for each of these groups includes a series of core topics and then a smart route with specific content for each of the groups. The program is completed with the development of a final application project.

General objectives

  • Strengthen capacities for the good performance of authorities and teachers in soft skills, agility and change management that allow reinforcing the demands of the UNE Educational Project.
  • To understand change management as a constant and how agile methodologies are the frame of reference to manage institutional projects in changing contexts.
  • Analyze from Design thinking needs and strengths and weaknesses of the institution.
  • Use design tools as an instrument for the revision of the institutional orientation, consistent with the educational model and the strategic plan.
  • Identify areas of teaching development through innovation.


“This program has helped me a lot, it has clarified many doubts and has taught us how we should work not only in the part of the dictation of the class, but in programming, in the design of a blended learning syllabus and in the use of the platform and the creation of digital resources that enhance student learning.”

Marco Antonio Inga
Enrique Guzmán y Valle National University of Education

“My daily life at the institution is full of challenges, joys and learning. Teaching practice is very demanding, so the program has been an engine of motivation and a box of new ideas to create new strategies that I can apply in the teaching process with my students and add to the educational improvement of my country.”

River Serna
Enrique Guzmán y Valle National University of Education

“Participating in this training has been of great help since it provided us with technical advice, and they nios allowed us to strengthen the culture of change in our faculty. In addition, everything we learned allowed us to apply the transformation processes in management with agile methodologies as techniques for the development of the diagnosis and the annual strategic plan of the faculty.”

Ronald Guadalupe
Enrique Guzmán y Valle National University of Education

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