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Proposals for an Education Model for Sustainable Development

Today, major global issues such as climate change urgently require a change in our lifestyles and a transformation in the way we act and think. To achieve this, we need new skills, attitudes and behaviors that will lead us to more sustainable societies. Education systems need to respond to this need by defining relevant learning objectives and content, introducing pedagogies that empower learners, and encouraging institutions to include sustainability principles in their management structures.

Higher education institutions (HEIs), and universities in particular, are called upon from the outset to play a leading role in achieving them. Precisely because of this, many voices consider that their leadership role in sustainability, through training and research, is in crisis. Part of this crisis is due to the growing pressure facing higher education worldwide: to do more with less. On the teaching side, HEIs are expected to equip students with sufficient knowledge, skills and motivation to understand and address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development(ESD).

General objectives

  • To equip teachers with the knowledge and competencies necessary to be able to design, develop and evaluate university learning sequences in non-face-to-face environments, taking into account pedagogical, technological and organizational principles necessary to be of quality and aligned with sustainability within the framework of ESD.
  • Implement UNESCO’s key competencies for sustainability that are relevant to all SDGs and have been categorized into: Ways of Thinking, Ways of Practicing and Ways of Being.
  • Identify SDG-specific learning objectives targeting cognitive, socioemotional and cognitive domains to engage students in a transformative educational experience.
  • Develop transformative pedagogies and teaching methods delivered online or blended that support participation and collaboration, problem orientation, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity, and linking formal and informal learning.


“It is a university that has trained 40 professors and the impact it can generate, not only within the university, but its repercussion on the environment is high and impressive. Really, they already have a trained and conscious human capital and interesting proposals of what Sustainable Development is.”

Vanya Roca

“The possibility of being part of the Training Program in Pedagogical Design and Education for Sustainable Development offered by UNESCO provided invaluable tools to improve and incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our planning.”

Santiago Martínez
Educational Manager, UTEC

“The educational pathway is key for our university as it is framed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda. The current reality demands that the professionals who graduate from our university are capable of leading the necessary transformations to collectively build a society that is open to change, economically and environmentally sustainable, technologically advanced, socially equitable without any discrimination and aligned with the SDGs”

Amadeo Sosa
Education Director, UTEC

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