CRES 2018 Collection

The ten volumes of the CRES 2018 Collection were conceived with the purpose of regionally disseminating knowledge of the thematic axes established in the framework of the III Regional Conference on Higher Education (CRES 2018). The veracity and academic excellence defined the production of knowledge, based on research and adjusted to the requirements of scientific research protocols. The purpose of dissemination was aimed at monitoring the formulation of policies of higher education institutions in the member states and regional trends in higher education systems in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Launch of the Public Policy Forum at CRES+5

Through the exchange of ideas, experiences and practices, the ForoPES served to share the problems common to higher education in the region and innovative solutions, fostering international dialogue and intercultural understanding.…

Higher education under debate

The largest higher education event in Latin America and the Caribbean (CRES+5) opened today in Brasilia, bringing together more than 35 countries.…

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