Governing Board

The IESALC Governing Board is the management body that, within the framework of the guidelines approved by the UNESCO General Conference every two years, supervises and adjusts the Institute’s work program regarding its implementation and execution.

The Institute is presided over by a Governing Board which currently comprises nine members:

Paulo Falcón (Argentina) – Former National Director for University Management.

Dixton Montgomery Findlay (San Vicente y Las Granadinas) – Deputy Director of Education / Minister of Education.

María Altagracia López Ferreiras (República Dominicana) – Academic Vice Rector of the Santo Domingo Institute of Technology / Dominican Association of University Rectors.

Olda María Cano de Araúz (Panamá) Academic Vice Rector of the Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí / Panama Rectors’ Council (CRP).

Miriam Alpizar Santana (Cuba) – Vice Minister of Higher Education.

Eddy Córdova (Venezuela), Director Adjunto a la Secretaría Permanente del Consejo Nacional de Universidades.

Valentina Canese Caballero (Paraguay) – Director of the Higher Institute of Languages (Philosophy Faculty of the National University of Asunción).

Dameon Black (Jamaica ) – Commissioner and Executive Director Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission 

Ramón Ulises Salgado Peña (Honduras). Former rector of the National Pedagogical University of Honduras and former director of Higher Education of Honduras.