To address the great challenges facing higher education in the region and in the world, the Institute has outlined a mission and vision in accordance with its motto “higher education for all”, and on the path to the development of higher education with greater relevance, equity, and quality for the coming years.


To promote the right to higher education through developing capacities for the formulation and implementation of quality, equitable, and inclusive higher education policies at regional, national and institutional levels in LAC Member States aiming at a global outreach.


To become the United Nations leading source of evidence, advice, and capacity development on higher education in LAC and worldwide.


  • Promote the right to quality higher education which is relevant, inclusive and equitable for all, by creating awareness in this regard among higher education agents and public opinion in general.
  • Prepare and disseminate studies on higher education, particularly of a comparative nature, with data to inform the decision-making process for the design of national and institutional public policies.
  • Contribute, through training programs and in coordination with UNESCO Chairs, to capacity building for the analysis and design of better public and institutional policies between political, governmental and institutional decision makers, and higher education analysts and researchers