As part of UNESCO’s Young People on Transforming Education Project, we hope to understand how different generations of students have been involved in their own learning with the adoption of digital tools and broader forms of innovation (e.g. innovative techniques that have contributed to their own learning) – this process of adopting any form of innovation in learning is defined as “innovative learning” in this context.

On this International Day of Education 2023, we want to send a clear message that “we want to hear stories from you”, whether you want to share an innovative learning practice that you have been adopted in your own learning, or you hope to share an innovative learning practice around you!

This UNESCO survey on innovative learning comes in five languages: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. For the next two months, you can click on the link below with any of the language you prefer to fill in the survey.

As a follow up of the survey, UNESCO will create a global mapping of good practices on innovative learning, with which we will provide policy recommendations on how current students, future students, and student-in-transition can potentially use technology and techniques to improve efficiency of their own learning process.

The scope of the survey give priority to practices from secondary school to higher education; practices conducted at all other education levels and informal education are also welcome.

We thank you in advanced for your time and stories.

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