Latin America and Caribbean Consultation for the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022

About the consultation

As part of the events prior to the 3rd UNESCO World Higher Education Conference that will take place in Barcelona from May 18 to 20, 2022, UNESCO IESALC will carry out a consultation for Latin America and the Caribbean that will collect the voices of the different groups of interest related to higher education (HEI leaders, academics, students, governments, rectors’ conferences, university associations/networks, employers, multilateral organizations, etc.) on ten key issues for higher education.

The cycle of activities

For the consultation, UNESCO IESALC will carry out ten webinars between October 2021 and February 2022. Its themes will revolve around the ten key issues that the World Conference will address. Each webinar will consist of presenting an expert on a specific issue and two panels, one with representatives of the government sector and the other with the main stakeholders related to higher education.

Expert Presentations

Government Leaders Panel

Interest Groups Panel

Thematic issues

Higher education and the SDGs

Education can make a significant contribution in order to achieve sustainable development goals. In this way, the analysis of educational agendas and their impact on human and community development are proposed.

Data and knowledge production

Through data analysis it is possible to generate policies and strategies according to the needs of the population. In this way, this issue revolves around developing global quality standards that allow the collection, processing and sharing of information related to higher education.

Inclusion in higher education

To not leave anyone without access to education, this topic addresses the mechanisms developed to ensure that vulnerable groups access and complete higher education.

Quality and relevance of programs

Among the main issues considered within this theme are the flexibility of the curriculum, educational innovation, quality assurance and the integration of technology to guarantee learning.

Academic mobility in higher education

This theme considers the construction of global teaching, learning and research campuses.

Higher education governance

It seeks to address from an analytical perspective the governance systems of higher education, their capacity to respond to dynamic contexts, its autonomy and accountability.

Financing Higher Education

The theme aims to analyze the different sources of financing higher education and their impact on promoting access, equity and inclusion.

Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education

As a result of the pandemic, higher education must have transformed at an international level. In this sense, we seek to analyze the impacts and responses of higher education institutions, lessons learned and future projections.

International cooperation to enhance synergies

The aim is to analyze the scope of international cooperation to develop substantive activities in higher education.

Preparing for the futures of higher education

With a future perspective, possible scenarios for the year 2030 are analyzed, seeking to promote the generation of disruptive changes in higher education.

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How can you participate?

  • Sign up for the webinars that we have prepared around the ten priority thematic issues of the Conference.
  • Send us your opinion and/or share your experience on any of these thematic issues in our public consultation.
  • Organize your own events on some of the priority thematic issues. Contact us to find out how!
  • Share the initiative on your social media and help us expand the voices of Latin America and the Caribbean at WHEC2022.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us!