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Sustainability Impact Forum 2023

28 June, 2023 hora: 8:00 am - 29 June, 2023 hora: 5:00 pm

The Sustainability Impact Forum (SIF) aims at creating a lasting space for an intergenerational and global dialogue to develop strategies and solutions . It is the first  SDGs Youth Forum hosted in Milan, Italy, which will gather 400 attendees int this  hybrid event.

Our extensive networks of young people, committed to be change drivers and make an impact, generates each year a pool of solutions in a global community of solvers. The most promising ones will compete at the main event of the Forum: the Pitch Competition.

As an annual event, the SIF will track the solutions’ progress throughout the year and mobilize intergenerational effort to ensure success. At the next Forum, the outcomes will be presented.

Key Points

  • A Pitch Competition as the main event
  • Networking opportunities between organisations and Youth Leaders
  • Report published at the end of the SIF highlighting the outcomes and objectives for the coming year
  • Workshops and conferences (sustainability, management etc.)


  • Create a lasting and recurring space for reflection, networking, listening and exchange of ideas between young people,

politicians, organisations and other policy makers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders;

  • Encourage youth to analyze local and eventually global matters and operationalize solutions, guaranteeing their participation at the decision processes;
  • Identify specific opportunities for young people to contribute to localization of the SDGs through integrated, inclusive

mechanisms and the importance of collaboration between young people and other existing actors;

  • Obtain a clear commitment from leaders to support the initiatives which have been selected and the set of actions


Agenda: here

UNESCO IESALC’S participation:

– Panel 1: 9h45-10h25 CET on June 28 (Giulia Ribeiro speaking on “Education, Gender and Inequality: Diversity & Inclusion”)

– BIBO Circle: 15h-16h00 CET on June 28 (held on-site in Milan, Italy with UNESCO IESALC representative Giulia Ribeiro)

– Panel 6: 10h30-11h20 CET on June 29 (Liu Bosen, Lead on Young People on Transforming Education Project, speaking on “Digital revolution for sustainable development: Enabler to sustainability, equity, and social inclusion”)

Brochure: here

More information: https://www.sustainabilityimpactforum.com

Live event: https://mediaportal.regione.lombardia.it/embed/live/13660


28 June, 2023 hora: 8:00 am
29 June, 2023 hora: 5:00 pm