Owning the Caribbean: Sustainable development, innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Urdine Darius Université des Antilles, Pole Martinique 11 15 16 42 59 60 91 TOPIC 1 TOPIC 2
Palabras clave: sustainable development, innovation, entrepreneurship.


This article entitled “Owning the Ca­ribbean: sustainable development, innovation and entrepreneurship” was written within the framework of the first Caribbean Youth Forum or­ganized by Caribbean Universities in November 2018. This is a comparati­ve study between the young people of Martinique and Saint Lucia to de­monstrate their degree of participa­tion in the environmental policy of their respective countries. To what ex­tent can education about sustainable development and strategies for re­sistance to climate change be an im­portant element to improve the envi­ronment of these Caribbean islands? Urdine Darius analyzes the solutions proposed by young entrepreneurs and asks about the strategies to be implemented for a more innovative management of the environment in Martinique and Saint Lucia.

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Urdine Darius, Université des Antilles, Pole Martinique 11 15 16 42 59 60 91 TOPIC 1 TOPIC 2

Urdine Darius is a doctoral student at the Université des Antilles in Martinique. After completing her GCE A-level’s in her home is­land of Saint-Lucia, she moved to Martinique in order to pursue her studies, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Law and her Master’s in Law and Administration of French Territories, graduating first in her class. Since then, she has developed an interest in fostering regional integration and cooperation in the Caribbean. Her research focuses on the prospects for environ­mental cooperation between the English and French-speaking territories of the Eastern Caribbean and its contribution to de­velopment. Urdine has worked briefly with the consulate of Saint Lucia in Martinique where she assisted with the application of a con­vention signed between the government of Saint Lucia and the president of the local government in Martinique. During her studies, she also assumed a part time job at the international relations office at her University.

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