An analysis of a framework of internal influential factors affecting the progress and outcomes of accreditation processes at the University of Curaçao

  • Sharine Isabella University of Curaçao
Palabras clave: accreditation process, academic programs.


As of the beginning of this century, the University of Curaçao (UoC) star­ted to implement preliminary activi­ties to attain the accredited status for its programs by the Netherlands-Fle­mish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). These exercises were highly successful since in its first attempt the UoC obtained the accredited status for the great majority of its programs. Based on a case study approach, in this paper the result of an analysis of these accreditation processes are presented to illustrate how the UoC has managed the great challenges encountered and to identify the internal factors that had an impact on the progress and out­comes of these processes. This study, which was as part of a PhD process, led to the design of a heuristic fra­mework comprising of enablers and barriers affecting accreditation pro­cesses. This framework can generi­cally be used as a descriptive, pres­criptive and analytical instrument for the design, implementation and monitoring of accreditation proces­ses, particularly in small universities.

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Sharine Isabella, University of Curaçao

After her Master of Science study “Interdisciplinary Educational Science”, she obtained her Ph.D. degree, where she did research into the internal influencing factors during accreditation proces­ses in higher education. Both degrees she obtained at universities in the Netherlands. After gaining work experience in the Netherlands, she held various positions in Curaçao at the Ministry of Education, including policy secretary of the Minister of Education. She has been working at the University of Curaçao (UoC) since 2002 and holds the position of manager of the Department of Quality Assurance (DQA), who is responsible for the development, support and supervision of internal and external quality assurance processes. In addition to supervising the UoC programs during their accre­ditation processes, during the past two decades Mrs. Isabella has also assisted the University of Aruba, the University of St. Martin and the Anton de Kom University of Suriname in their accredita­tion efforts. She provides training courses in the field of education and with regard to quality assurance at local, regional and international ins­titutions for higher education as well. Mrs. Isabella is also a certified internal auditor. She acts as an external auditor for the Dutch-Fle­mish Accreditation Organization, NVAO, and also for the accredita­tion organization NOVA in Suriname. She was also vice-president of the Accreditation Agency Curaçao, a private accreditation body on Curacao.

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