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This priority focuses on the promotion, ratification and dissemination of regional and global Conventions for the recognition of studies, degrees and diplomas, as well as on the creation of ideas and dissemination of information on trends in internationalization and academic mobility.

For this priority, the Institute has formulated the following objectives and activities:

  1. The promotion of the ratification of the Regional and Global Conventions for the Recognition of Degrees and the dissemination of its advantages to the academic community. To this end, a specific strategy has been developed, in coordination with Headquarters, which includes the following activities:

–  Development of sensitization and training materials on internationalization of higher education and academic mobility targeting:

  • governments and parliaments
  • university institutions
  • students,

– Launch of a campaign for the ratification of both conventions.

  1. Support for the creation of ideas and the dissemination of trends in the internationalization of higher education and academic mobility: