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This priority focuses on the promotion of three areas:

  • Higher technical and professional education.
  • Institutional sustainability programs.
  • Pedagogical reinforcement following a review to help to better understand the impact of emerging technologies.

For this priority, the Institute has formulated the following objectives and activities:

1.Support the development of non-university higher education:

  • Prepare a regional comparative study on the current state of non-university higher education, promotion policies and impact, as well as mechanisms for articulation with universities.
  • Convene, jointly with other organizations and networks, a Regional Forum on Non-University Higher Education Policies (October 2020).

2. Advocate for higher education institutional sustainability programs aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Development of a UNESCO-IESALC higher education institutional sustainability index, the convening of meetings of experts and subsequent piloting in five voluntary institutions.

3. Assist with higher education pedagogical upgrading by facilitating a better understanding of the impact of emerging technologies:

  • Initiate a report series illustrating the challenges arising out of emerging technologies and how different regional and international higher education institutions deal with them, highlighting their artificial intelligence activity,  blockchain, and learning analytics.