The Observatorio Regional de Responsabilidad Social para América Latina y el Caribe ORSALC (Regional Observatory of Social Responsibility for Latin America and the Caribbean) has developed different activities that have allowed to strengthen the recognition of the Observatory throughout the region, and therefore they aim to publicize their actions through the Enlaces portal.

Their most current initiative was the official visit to BINATIONAL ITAIPU, one of the largest bi-national projects on the continent, associated with programs of Social Responsibility in Education, environment and technological development. 

This visit was carried out from March 13 to 16 by an Ad hoc commission that was formed by the coordinator of the Regional Observatory of Social Responsibility for Latin America and the Caribbean (ORSALC): Dr. Humberto Grimaldo Durán, the representative of ORSALC- PARAGUAY: Hernán Aguilar Fernández and three more people from the Observatory team.

During this meeting, the ORSALC had the opportunity to learn about the projects and participate in the photographic and film registry of the natural park, the technology park, the dam, and the light and water show organized by the hydroelectric program.

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